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Tangible Media

MIT’s Tangible Media is coming along nicely,

"Almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away. And that’s only the beginning."

handjobs of the future

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May 18, 2014 12:41am


So I found a piano version of Coup D’etat by Youtube user, jgmb829 and since the acapella version was released, I decided to put the two tracks together and bam! Coup D’etat, the piano version with vocals. 

I own none of the audio used. I only edited the tracks together.

Acapella credit YG Ent. and G-Dragon

Piano version credit jgmb829 (website - Youtube channel - Twitter)

(Source: humanitystoplevi, via yabamena)

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